Top Millennial Supermodel Influencers

How Social Media Turned Fashion Models Into Decision Makers

The word millennials is taken everywhere today both by classic heritage luxury labels or by the more youthful fast fashion giants. TIMES magazine defines Millennial as “the group made up mostly of teens and 20-somethings”.

Millennials have taken a very important role in the industry of fashion and luxury today. For instance, luxury brands like Chanel and Louis Vuitton have their traditional classic faces whilst also bagging on board young influencers on the side, to appeal to a diverse set of target audience. If compared Louis Vuitton's classic ambassador Michelle Williams, to its millennial face such as Jaden Smith, both of them have been featured in womenswear advertising campaigns for the brand and the result, two completely different set of target audience is simulated.

Today's millennial supermodel influencers are either the 'have-it-all' celebrity-kids or the social media famous personalities who started off in the industry with their Instagram accounts - gathered millions of followers - got spotted by the brands or agencies and got an important role in the fashion circuit. Also, today's supermodels are not aggressively competing with each other, in fact they are complimenting each other and brands are taking advantage of their friendships and casting all of them together, for example, the famous trio Kendall Jenner - Gigi Hadid - Bella Hadid are often spotted together rocking a runway or an ad campaign shoot.

But could these 'celebs' have a negative impact on the brands too? Could it be that they work for one and completely devalue the other brand? How are the brands dealing with such risks?

Our analysts decided to dig deeper and bring forth not only the list of top millennial supermodels but also their collaborations, reach, impact, advantage and disadvantage for the associated brands. Download your copy of this research today to learn more on this It-marketing topic.


  1. Introduction
  2. Heritage Brands And Their Ambassadors
  3. Amalgamation Of The Popular Models
  4. Top Millennial Celebrities
  5. Kendall Jenner For Esteè Lauder
  6. Gigi Hadid For Tommy Hilfiger And Stuart Weitzman
  7. Bella Hadid For Dior Makeup
  8. Cameron Dallas, Burberry vs Dolce&Gabbana
  9. Brooklyn Beckham And Burberry Brit
  10. Chanel Eyewear Ambassadors
  11. Alain Fabein Delon & Asap Rocky For Dior Homme
  12. Sportswear Brands And It-Girls
  13. Mass Market Brands And Millennials Ambassadors
  14. MyCalvins By Calvin Klein
  15. Key Takeaways
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