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How Social Media Turned Fashion Models Into Decision Makers

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Synergy Between Sport And Fashion

Sports industry has always been exceeding expectations. The big giants as Nike and Adidas were taking...

39 pages
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Ethical and Green Fashion

Can Fashion really be eco-friendly? Or does it signify that somewhere there needs to be a compromise ...

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The Monetization Of Instagram

Social Commerce is already the next big thing. In China, it has already long been practiced with extr...

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Menswear Industry Market Research

Unisex is the new black - a new way industry is approaching fashion and widening its target market. B...

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Top Brands by Fashionbi Index ®

Rank Brand Score
1 Boohoo 259.77
2 Macy's 235.17
3 Ivanka Trump 223.33
4 Napapijri 199.42
5 Alex and Ani 171.26
6 Swarovski 155.99
7 Gucci 88.72
8 Tag Heuer 86.33
9 Scuderia Ferrari 85.15
10 Patagonia 80.53
Weekly Analysis: 21 November 2016 - 27 November 2016

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