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Fashion Industry’s Growing Obsession with Blockchain, NFTs, Digital Wearables & Virtual Worlds

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Digital marketing

How To Achieve A Successful Live Fashion Show

One of the biggest elements of the fashion industry hit by the coronavirus pandemic was the fashion w...

24 pages

Live Streaming Economy in Fashion Industry

Livestream shopping or live commerce is the biggest trend to look out for in the retail world. Livest...

36 pages

The Problem of Counterfeit Fashion

Counterfeiting is a daunting problem most fashion and luxury brands are facing today. Over the last d...

35 pages

Omni-Marketing Via WeChat Mini Programs

China has become the biggest market for luxury goods, and there is an exponential growth of the retai...

51 pages


The Main Online and Offline Second-hand Shopping Platforms

The sentiment towards second-hand luxury goods is slowly changing. A big change was brought about as ...

33 pages

Circular Economy in the Footwear Industry

Despite the unfortunate outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the fashion industry has not lost focus on...

69 pages

Circular Economy in Fashion

Sustainability has become quite a buzzword in the world, especially when it comes to fashion. Since t...

36 pages

Replacing Toxicity with Sustainability

To make a plant or animal skin into a fashion item, there are over 8000 chemicals used in the process...

31 pages

Sectors & Markets

Post-Pandemic Market Trends in The Fashion Industry

The several months of lockdown due to the global pandemic of COVID-19 in 2020 led to a major shift in...

28 pages

Growth of Fashion Industry In India

Being one of the largest countries in the world, India also has a high customer base for retail. The ...

39 pages

Fashion Industry in India

India has been a manufacturing hub for the textile and apparel industry for years, thanks to its rich...

50 pages

Fashion E-commerce Market

E-commerce market share has been growing at a fast rate during the past few years, and online retail ...

45 pages


Direct-To-Consumer Commerce And Generation-Z

With the widespread use of digital technologies and online shopping and marketing, one thing that has...

32 pages

Fashion Business During Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has completely altered the way we live across the globe. It is the biggest g...

44 pages

Technology in Fashion

Technology has been the biggest topic of conversation in every sphere of the industry for over a deca...

67 pages

The Era of Pop-up Stores

A phenomenon that’s becoming more and more popular these days for all kinds of brands is the 'pop-up ...

46 pages

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