Top Fashion Schools Around the World

A Comprehensive Index Of Major Fashion Schools and Programs

The task to choose the right fashion school and the program can be difficult for students. The Fashionbi report has a list of programs from the top fashion schools, along with information on tuition fees, courses, and course duration. This can guide a student on how to choose the best fashion school.

Nowadays there are various types of courses available for prospective fashion professionals to learn. Education in fashion has gone way beyond Fashion Design, as the industry now understands the need for tailor-made courses for each role in the business of fashion. There are programs for Fashion Management, Merchandising, Buying, Styling, and more majors and specializations.

You can find many top fashion schools in Europe and the US, and also see other leading fashion schools around the world. The report also has a list of collaborative programs with fashion brands and study abroad options offered by various fashion schools. There is also a list of scholarships to give an idea of the tuition fee aid that students can avail.

In order to pursue your fashion career, click through this interactive report on the top fashion schools in the world and help you to find the right program.


  1. Geographic Distribution of Fashion Schools
  2. Tuition Fees
  3. Program Index Based on Major
  4. Program Index Based on Location
  5. Interesting to Know
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