Top 15 Best Beauty Bloggers To Watch

Makeup & Beauty Vloggers - Evolution, Strategies, Influence and Success Factors

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Beauty Bloggers of today are ruling the world, even more than the makeup artists themselves. With daily activeness and one-on-one reach with the fans, these vloggers have managed to gain a celebrity status worldwide, with a loyal fan base that can count up till 30 million, more than any other category. Brands can not only enhance their reach immensely by joining hands with these 'experts', but also see short-term real gains. For instance, when the Beauty Influencer, Zoella, recommends a Topshop blusher, there is a 40% click-through rate to the brand's site.

Did you know that Asian women on an average use 18 cosmetic products daily but buy only 3-5 products at once? Did you also know that last year, fragrances were the top sold category amongst all the beauty and personal care categories, in the MEA region? Usage and make-up application behaviours too differ region-to-region, with some women even going 7+ steps in their daily skincare routines. In this marketing research all such facts and statistics have been underlined.

Fashionbi team of analysts has also analysed and created a list of top 15 Beauty bloggers to watch, taking into account their audience reach and influence on the mainstream social media channels, including Google+. We have brought forward all the recent activities carried by the bloggers that won them such a high-profile status in the world of fashion luxury and lifestyle, as well as their transition from being a mere youtube account to succeeding as self-made artists and entrepreneurs of today.

What else? In the early 2000s, soon after fragrances, the next promising line of business for celebrities and arists to put their name on, was makeup and beauty. And hence, followed a series of cosmetic lines launched by the celebrities like Tyra Banks, Miranda Kerr, Salma Hayek, Pat McGrath and many others, at an affordable price range, sold either online or via department stores. With no marketing investments needed, the quality as well as the profits are immense.

Unleash the secrets behind this very powerful line of business and strategise your next moves, with this research. Download today.


  1. Introduction
  2. Interesting Facts to Know
  3. Top 15 Beauty Vloggers
  4. Celebrities and Their Own Beauty Lines
  5. Professional Makeup Artists and their Digital Power
  6. Makeup Brands and the Vlogger Endorsements on the Social Media
  7. Key Takeaways
48 pages
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