The Influence Of Fashion Bloggers

Important Bloggers Around The World & Tips To A Successful Collaboration

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First fashion bloggers started to appear in 2002. During the past years, the popularity of some 'it' girls and boys can be compared to the worldwide famous singers and actors. With this Marketing Research we tried to analyse what is the reason behind the success of "blogging" and how fashion bloggers in Europe are different from the ones in Asia?

  • Understand the phenomenon of bloggers and how they influence the consumer behaviour and their purchasing decisions 
  • Discover how the luxury, premium, mass-market and activewear brands collaborated with the fashion bloggers during the recent years 
  • Know the top online influencers and their audience in the fashion world of Europe, USA, Asia, Middle East and Latin America


  1. From Fashion Journalists to Fashion Bloggers
    1. Bloggers & Consumers
    2. Social media's influence on consumer behaviour
    3. Bloggers' impact on consumers' buying decisions
  2. Bloggers & Brands
    1. Types of collaborations
    2. Brand’s practices by the industry segment
    3. Luxury/Premium
    4. Mass market
    5. Activewear
  3. Types of Bloggers - Emerging Trends and New Perspectives for the Brands
    1. Bloggers as celebrities
    2. Celebrities as bloggers
    3. Teen bloggers
    4. Food bloggers
    5. Travel bloggers
    6. Fashion experts
    7. Beauty bloggers
    8. Sport bloggers
    9. Family bloggers
    10. Curvy bloggers
    11. 40+ bloggers
    12. Men in fashion
  4. Top Online Influencers in Fashion, by Country
    1. Brazil
    2. China
    3. France
    4. Germany
    5. Italy
    6. Japan
    7. Russia
    8. Scandinavia
    9. Middle East
    10. Spain
    11. Turkey
    12. United Kingdom
    13. United States of America
  5. Main Tips for Successful Collaborations with the Bloggers
135 pages
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