The Footwear Market

Product Trends Shaping the Fashion Industry Today

There is no surprise that the footwear industry has been under the spotlight in the recent years. With a 6% growth over the duration of five years, this sector has surpassed the growth seen by apparel. There is much to understand about footwear, as the sector has witnessed a complete overhaul over the last few years. 
There has been an evolution in every aspect of the footwear industry, due to a spike in demand for sneakers, a shift in dynamics of mens' and women’s footwear and the growing need to serve better to discerning customers. Brands are constantly adapting newer methods to appease the demands of the growing market. 

 The change in lifestyles and the rise of athleisure have transformed the definition of luxury, and the footwear industry has been at the forefront of this change. Individuality has been another factor, bringing about the trend of customization, leading to several brands offering innovative services
Celebrity endorsements are now a worn-out formula, being replaced by a more cohesive approach to leverage the popularity of these famous personas. Technological advancements are being spearheaded by the footwear giants, and surprising avant-garde products are being invented.


  1. Footwear Market Overview
    1. Segmentation by product type
    2. Segmentation by gender
    3. Segmentation by regions
    4. Segmentation by distribution channels
    5. Segmentation by price
  2. Product Trends
    1. New Men's Modesl
    2. Slippers
    3. Slides
    4. Sneakers
  3. Special Collaborations
    1. Sneakers Collections
    2. Focus on Celebrities
  4. Unisex Brands and Collections
    1. Footwear Personalization and Customization
      1. Tech Innovations in Footwear and Retail
        1. Key Takeaways
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