The Business of Counterfeit Fashion

How Fakes and Knock-Offs Are Costing Fashion Industry Billions

Globalisation has mostly brought the world closer but it has also given rise to many illegal cells operating more smoothly than ever before. One such cell is that of fashion counterfeiting or fake fashion goods. In the last year only, there was a staggering 15% increase in the sales of counterfeit goods online. The shoes and apparel counterfeit alone is an estimated $24'000 million industry today. 

While watches and jewellery top the charts of the most counterfeited goods in both the Europe and USA markets, handbags and sunglasses closely follow. However, it is not only the local gangs in the business; many a times, brands have also accused other brands, designers, and such or have themselves been accused of knocking-off other artists' arts. For instance, Christian Louboutin's red sole trademark imitation claim against Cesare Paciotti and Saint Laurent or Jeremy Scott sued by graffiti artist Rime for putting his art on clothes without his consent, and many more such accuses.

Given such an alarming rise in this denting business, many governmental and private organisations have come forward to offer a solution to detect, control and combat such happenings. France, for instance, has a strong law against counterfeit goods, where the felon could be charged a big sum or jail time. On the other hand, companies like LVMH are protecting themselves using various anti-counterfeiting strategies such as a “0 tolerance policy” against counterfeiters where a special team of employees and lawyers monitor, scrutinise and police the grey markets on a daily basis.

But is it enough to put a halt to this pirated business? What are the brands doing internally to overcome the threat? What are some of the newest technologies in the market and what do they offer? Download the research and find it all out.


  1. Introduction
  2. The Piracy Paradox
  3. Fashion Brands Against Mass Market Brands
  4. Fashion Brands Against Competitive Fashion Brands
  5. Fashion Brands Against Different Industries
  6. Fashion Brands Against Individuals
  7. Fashion Brands Against E-Tailers
  8. Methods to Fight Counterfeit Products
    1. Local Authorities
    2. International Authorities
    3. Internal Regulations
    4. Stand Alone Solutions
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