Symbiosis between Art and Fashion

How Are The Brands Embodying Art Into Latest Collections

Art and Fashion come a long way. Both fields have developed a mutual admiration society for each other and hold a bigger emotion than just a usual praise for work, every now and then. In fact, both fields often overlap or take inspiration from each other or even incorporate each other's elements into their works.

Although this phenomena is hardly new, art's incorporation into fashion especially nowadays, is on fire. A fashion piece is not considered unique unless it has that special stroke from a niche artists, almost like signing off his recommendation on the product and the brand. From Marc Jacobs x Julie Verhoeven for SS17, to Coco Captain for Gucci FW17 fashion show - there are much more than the handful of collaborations both fashion and art can be proud of. However, the designing, communication of such collaborations and special products features should be well strategized in advance - from artist introduction to preserving the brand DNA to the product pricing and availability - a high price point, for instance, can also turn consumers off and make them uninterested in the brand altogether, and so can the immediate selling-out of the collection.

In this research, Fashionbi bring forth the best of both worlds to you - the collaborations, inspirations and implementations of artistic and desirable works of art within our fashion ecosystem.


  1. Introduction
  2. Key Milestones
  3. Art Collections on the Runway
  4. Artistic Collaboration for Accessories
  5. Special Capsule Collections
  6. Art Inspired Pieces
  7. Fashion and Art Foundations
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