Social Media in Asia

How To Grow Your Fashion Business Using Social Media In Southeast Asia

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Social Media has turned out to be a real business driver in Asia. Be it a national or an international business, an online presence and a media-specific strategy is a must to reach the Asian audience, as well as have promising e-commerce revenues.

Even though Facebook makes up for one of the most popular networks in other regions of Asia, in terms of Monthly Active Users (MAU), Chinese WeChat scores the primary position. Other networks such as Sina Weibo are also still highly active and very strong especially for the fashion business. In Japan, on the other hand, LINE is more prominent, with many added features to drive brands' businesses. However, many brands also prefer to open up local pages on international networks such as Facebook and Twitter to manage their local Asian audience through local content, exclusive offerings and celebrity endorsements.

Can such a strategy work? What about the countries outside the China-Japan spectrum, in Asia? What are the best tips per social network per country, in order to gain maximum returns for the brand? Which brands are already present on the most important channels and how are they catering to consumer needs there? Which content works, which doesn't and what can be done to ensure optimzed user-engagement, website traffic and revenue growth?

Find it all in Fashionbi's latest marketing research on Social Media In Asia.


  1. Introduction
  2. Overview on the Social Media Behaviour in Asia
  3. Local Social Media Platforms
    1. Wechat
    2. Weibo
    3. Other Popular Social Media Platforms in China
    4. LINE
    5. Other Popular Social Media Platforms in Japan
    6. Kakao Talk
    1. Conclusion
    22 pages
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