Snapchat For Live Storytelling

A Fashion PR Guide to Brand Activities and Opportunities On This Channel

25 pages
One of the fastest growing social media channels amongst the millennials today, Snapchat has much more to offer than just being another channel of communication for the brands/audience. It is an in-the-moment platform, where any mistake is forgiven by the viewers for being in real-time (example: blurred visuals). In fact, it leaves them wanting more, see more of the real side of the brand as a human, face-to-face, before it all disappears from their timeline.

Besides brand promotions, Snapchat today can also be used in many other contexts, to appeal to the viewers and spread the word in the most innovative, exclusive and targeted way possible. Stella McCartney, for instance, was one of the first designers to try it out, providing exclusive sneak-peeks from her Women’s Fall/Winter 2015 fashion show in Paris. Photographer Mario Testino for Burberry called their Snapchat campaign "a completely new way of capturing and sharing content - with the result being much more instant and genuine." Amongst the endless possibilities, can be done on Snapchat many acts such as promoting charity initiatives (e.g. Louis Vuitton's #makeapromise initiative) or just to make people aware of the environmental issues, or to launch contests (e.g. H&M contest simulating audience to go in store to find clues for an exclusive win), or to offer exclusive giveaways/discounts, to show a city in a day, to show an event all throughout and much more.

Did you know, most of the Snapchat users are below 34 years of age and are mostly women? Did you also know that Snapchat is currently testing money transfer via Snapcash feature, in the US? Snapchat is also now providing possibility for the accounts to not only advertise but also receive the performance analytics behind a certain campaign they carried on the channel.

So, if you are a fashion brand looking to enter or already present on Snapchat, do download this report and get to know more insights and scoops on how to increase performance on this fast-pacing channel. 


  1. Introduction
  2. What is Snapchat
  3. Brand’s Case-Studies
    1. Snapchat for Advertising
    2. Snapchat for Charity
    3. Snapchat for Fashion Week Backstage
    4. Snapchat for Gamification
    5. Snapchat for Sport & Music Events
    1. How to Make The Most Out of Snapchat Marketing
    25 pages
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