Shopping Tourism

How Fashion Brands Can Leverage on the Overseas Shoppers

72 pages
Shopping tourism (or fashion tourism) is an entirely separate segment of fashion consumers growing at a rapid pace. The 'overseas shoppers' as they are better known, like to travel to multiple destinations - be it due to the lower tax rates, holiday season shopping, lack of time due to constant travel or just purely to enjoy the luxury experience, otherwise absent in their own countries.

Inside this marketing research, you'll learn all about:

  • Fashion tourism industry and its positive growth trend
  • How unavailability of the products or better pricing drives consumers abroad
  • Which brands and destinations are most preferred per shopper
  • The role of social media in attracting international consumers
  • Travel organisations and their relationships with fashion retailers
  • How hotels, museums and malls can connect consumer with the brands
  • How the governments are simplifying visa processes for regular shoppers
  • How airline, counterfeit or other regulations effect negatively on the sales
  • Brand case-studies and their collaborations+extensions to hospitality industry
  • What can brand do to leverage on this very intense segment of shoppers


  1. Shopping Tourism at a Glance
  2. International Travellers and Their Shopping Behaviour
    1. Leisure versus Business Travellers
    2. Airport Shoppers
    3. Cross-border Shoppers
  3. Outbound Shoppers by Geographical Region
    1. Brazil and Latin America
    2. China
    3. India
    4. Japan
    5. Russia
    6. USA
  4. Key Players in the Tourism Industry and Their Cooperation with Fashion Retailers
    1. Destination Management Organizations
    2. Hotels
    3. Entertainment Organizations
  5. External Factors that Influence the Behaviour of Shopping Travellers
    1. Visa Regulations
    2. Retail Forgery and Counterfeit
    3. Special Holidays and Shopping Festivals
    4. Airline Regulations
    5. Other Regulations
  6. Internal factors to attract Shopping Tourists
    1. Travel Products
    2. Strategic Partnerships
    3. Global Pricing Strategy
    4. Digital Marketing
72 pages
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