See Now Buy Now

How Is The Industry Adapting To Fashion's Newest Movement?

A new sensation has emerged in the industry of fashion and luxury and the opinions are split between excitement and scepticism. See Now Buy Now is the "Pretail" model where what's on the runway is immediately made available in stores - closing the gap between the catwalk and retail. Burberry's CEO Christopher Bailey argues in favour of the concept by saying that “The changes we are making will allow us to build a closer connection between the experience that we create with our runway shows and the moment when people can physically explore the collections for themselves.” While brands like Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger and Tom Ford have already vowed to this new approach from the next collection onwards, more traditional luxury labels, mainly Italian and French houses like Loewe, Lanvin and Dolce&Gabbana and such are rather reluctant.

Is the notion of see now/wear now, or sell now, is a negation of dreaming, of desire? Or is it a step ahead in the future of consumer culture? What do fashion customers think about the concept? Which brands are looking to integrate the trend, which are shying away from it? What are the implications and how this affects the brand processes? And what the future holds.

Find out the answers to all these and much more in this latest marketing research.


  1. Introduction
    1. How Digital Has Changed Fashion
    2. Transformation Of Fashion Show
    3. Becoming Digital Era
    4. Traditional Supply Chain
    5. See Now Buy Now Supply Chain
    6. So What Is The Point Of See Now Buy Now?
    7. Types Of “Buy Now”
    8. How Are Brands Adjusting To Digitally Evolved Customers
  2. Which brands Are Applying See Now Buy Now
    1. Brands Who Are Applying See Now Buy Now
      1. Rebecca Minkoff
      2. Burberry
      3. Alice + Olivia
      4. Matthew Williamson
      5. Misha Nonoo
      6. Tom Ford
      7. Tommy Hilfiger
      8. Madewell
    2. Brands Who Changed The Schedule Of The Fashion Shows
      1. Vetements
      2. Public School
      3. Hunter
      4. Alexander Wang
    3. Brands Creating Special Looks/Products For See Now Buy Now
      1. Prada
      2. Diane Von Furstenberg
      3. Louis Vuitton
      4. Halston
      5. Moschino
      6. Michael Kors
      7. Banana Republic
      8. Proenza Schouler
      9. Brands Who Work With Pre-orders
      10. Loewe
      11. Jimmy Choo
      12. Alexander McQueen
  3. Designers and Media Opinions On See Now Buy Now Concept
    1. Quotes from Designers
    2. See Now Buy Now In Media Landscape
    3. Customers’ Stance on See Now Buy Now
  4. Social Media’s Steady Evolution Into E-commerce
  5. Conclusion
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