Pure-Play Ecommerce Businesses

Top Online-Only Retail Stores and Their Strategies

As Ecommerce came into existence, eventually the word 'E-tail' was born signifying those retailer that sell purely online. There are many pros and cons attached to an online-only store versus an offline store. However, the reality remains that the world is running out of time and ecommerce does provide that convenience factor - and hence the ecommerce sector just keep growing. 

China and the US are the biggest contributors in the world's ecommerce market. Multibrand stores are amongst the top giants and come with many key advantages both for the customer and the business itself, as opposed to stand-alone brands or retailers. Be it Yoox Net-a-porter, Zalando, Moda Operandi or TMall - all such online retail giants have been able to establish some competitive advantage over the other, thereby, securing a good set of loyal audience.

What's more is that Ecommerce makes it happen for the companies to track a customer journey in order to provide him a personalised and seamless product range and experience. There are a lot of innovations happening to cater a customer more on a personal level and this would be the ultimate target for the brands this year, together with improving on their omnichannel offering.

So what is the latest trend in e-commerce? Which are the latest innovations and startups supporting them? Can brands stay purely online or is it not the best strategy to go omnichannel? Which pure-play online retailers are expanding offline and why? With this research, you can get answers to all these and much more.


  1. The History of E-commerce
    1. How it all Began
    2. Amazon
    3. Ebay
    4. The 2000s and Business Models
  2. Present Time and Prediction for B2C E-commerce Market
    1. Overview
    2. Top Countries by Spending
    3. Fashion in Scope
    4. Market KPI Comparison by Region
  3. Online Stores vs. Brick and Mortar
    1. For The End Customers
    2. For Businesses
  4. Case-studies on E-Tailers
    1. Multi-Brand E-Tailers
      1. Multi-Brand E-Tailers with In-House Stocks
      2. Multi-Brand E-Tailers that Provide Marketplace
    2. Mono-Brand E-Tailers
  5. How E-commerce is Merging with Social Media
    1. Social Media Incorporate Buying Buttons
    2. Facebook
    3. Pinterest
    4. Instagram
    5. Twitter
    6. Why US Market and How is it Going?
    7. The Net Set - How E-commerce Launched It’s Own Social Media
  6. Importance of Customer Journey and Consumer Behavior
    1. Importance of Customer Journey
    2. E-commerce Consumer Behavior in 2016
  7. How E-commerce Affected Brands
    1. H&M Group
    2. Deckers Outdoor Corporation
    3. Burberry
  8. E-Tailer’s Market Trends
    1. Online Enters Physical World
    2. Personalised Experience
    3. Virtual Reality
  9. Key Takeaways

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