Personalization In Fashion

How Are The Retailers Customizing Shopper Experiences

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The made-to-order aspirational luxury trend has long been a thing of a niche VIP society. Only a bespoke and couture customer was able to avail such services. However, the rise in technological advances and digital, have made mass customization possible, which is nothing but an economical individualized product for all. A customer today can simply go online, 'create' and request his exact looks and the brand can then make it possible to create that specific product as per the specifications, often with the price tag similar to any ready-to-wear or off-the-rack items. 

Today, not only the big labels but also many small-medium sized companies are offering made-to-order services. Some of them offer full personalization of the product, and some limit the audience in some regards. Burberry offers the monogramming service on its selected range of products like Trench coat and Scarves, Ray-Ban gives the possibility to customize fully its special sunglass range. Many online retailers have also taken advantage of this growing demand and started offering full personalized products. However, there are still some aspects that the brands are missing on, even with such an attractive service. 

With this new Fashionbi research, our specialists have highlighted on this very aspect of customization and personalization and how the brands can push on it in the right way to stay visible and attractive for its audience.


  1. Introduction to Customizable Fashion
  2. Monogramming
    1. Burberry
    2. Ralph Lauren
    3. Tiffany & Co.
  3. Partial Customization
    1. Fendi
    2. Pandora
  4. Complete Customization
    1. Ray-Ban
    2. Dior
    3. Longchamp
    4. Furla
    5. Coccinelle
    6. Jimmy Choo
    7. Shoes of Prey
    8. My Swear
    1. Social Media Promotion of the Customization Service
    2. Key Take-Aways
    42 pages
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