Nordic Fashion System

The Ultimate Scandinavian Fashion And Style Guide

75 pages
In Fashionbi's latest research, you can find a 360 degree view on the Nordic fashion system - the clothing industry statistics, fashion consumer usage and preferences, the corporate social responsibility as the key element in the Nordic countries, sustainability values and such.

In the next half, Fashionbi analysts have chosen a set of four to five brands from each country - Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland, and analysed their structure - in terms of working ethics, products and pricing, sustainability initiatives, communication strategies and impact. It was astonishing how every brand is offering a quality product at a fair price and they are all somehow involved in the CSR projects. Their awareness levels were also analysed upon, by checking their past mentions on the web. Although the sentiments were mostly positive, some international level brands like Acne Studios, Ecco or Moods of Norway were ahead of more niche labels like Vigga, Fjällräven, Bestseller, 66° North or Farmers Market.

In addition, a concrete list of top influencers from all walks of life - fashion, travel, lifestyle etc. that are gaining international fame, have been brought forward, country-by-country. Although, many of these bloggers haven't reached a million fan-following yet, they are anyhow making a big mark amongst the exclusive target groups, which, in turn is can promise a brand a enhanced conversions.

Download this e-book today to learn all about the Scandinavian fashion and know the best trips on breaking-through with the right strategy and tools in hand.


  1. Introduction to Nordic Fashion
  2. Corporate Social Responsibilities
  3. Nordic Markets - Brand Ethics, Communication and Results
    1. Sweden
    2. Norway
    3. Denmark
    4. Finland
    5. Iceland
    1. Top Scandinavian Influencers and Their Impact
    2. What Nordics Can Teach The World
    75 pages
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