Mass Market Brands Analysis

Revenues, Distribution, E-Commerce And Digital Innovations

Very interestingly, it is not H&M or Zara ruling the fast fashion segment. There are many other players that have exceeded growth forecasts and continue to establish a strong hold, worldwide.

Through this research, Fashionbi team has analyzed a group of public listed companies and fifteen brands under them, to compare further their financial, marketing and digital performances and answer the most important questions as - which company is the leader in terms of sales? Which company has the widest distribution network? Which company is the most popular on the social networks?

In addition, various social and digital innovations and campaigns implemented by these brands have been brought forth - from using known testimonials to social media contests to retail innovations.

Get all such data and qualitative insights behind top brand performances and the reasons-why, right here with this document.


  1. Mass Market Brands Revenues
  2. Distribution Network of Mass Market Brands
  3. Social Media Presence
  4. E-commerce Strategies
  5. Brand Ambassadors
  6. Digital Marketing Innovations
  7. Key Learnings