Licensing in the Fashion Industry

Key Companies Behind Branded Beauty Products and the Accessories

Licensing is an important phenomena in many industries today, especially, Fashion & Luxury. This kind of agreement gives to the licensor a big advantage of exploring new markets and brand extensions that he is not able to do on his own. For licensee, more projects and a well-known clientele is an equal win-win.

Licensor can have a full or partial control over the licensed goods. Depending on the power and impact, and also the contract terms, a licensor can have a full control on all the pre-production concepts like design, photoshooting, marketing and communication etc. and the licensee might just need to follow and produce. 

Eyewear and cosmetics are the most licensed product groups in the fashion and luxury industry. Companies like Luxottica and Safilo are ruling the eyewear licensing business making eyewear for key players like Dior, Chanel, Marc Jacobs etc., while companies like L'Oreal and Coty are winning in the cosmetic (including fragrances) segment producing for brands like Armani, Saint Laurent and Gucci. Licensing in Watch industry is not as common but still the players like Fossil are producing for many big brands.

Read on this research to get a first hand take on this very crucial business of licensing, know all the key players in different industries, different brand case-studies, licensing advantages and disadvantages and what the future holds for the business.


  1. What is License and How It Works?
    1. Licensing In Eyewear
      1. Licensing In Cosmetics
        1. Licensing In Watches
          1. Other Types Of Licensing
            1. Fashion Group's Policies For Licensing
              1. Kering Group
              2. LVMH Group
              3. Richemont Group
              4. Aeffe Group
            2. Case studies On Brands
              1. Burberry
              2. Calvin Klein
              3. Guess
              4. Hugo Boss
              5. Michael Kors
              6. Pierre Cardin
              7. Tiffany & Co
              8. Tom Ford
            3. Advantages and Disadvantages of Licensing
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