Influencers to Entrepreneurs

A Review Of Successful Social Media Moguls Who Became Business Owners

Gone are the days when we resorted to our friends’ recommendations before making purchases. Today, as online platforms take over each aspect of our lives, we begin to learn about brands not only from our friends and family, but mostly through these social channels. And why wouldn’t we listen to experts who showcase the best and latest trends, constantly updating us, being only a click of a button away?

Instagram the most important channel for the biggest marketing trend right now: Influencer Marketing. Since its launch, around ten years ago, Instagram now has over 1 billion users, and as per the company, 68% of its users interact with social media influencers. Instagram has fuelled the growth of this industry, which has gained a lot of attention in a short span of time.

KOLs have come a long way, from being bloggers which catered to a niche audience that loyally followed them, to being on social media platforms where they could easily reach millions of people. While many of these influencers rely on brand collaborations and marketing services to generate revenue, some of them realised their fan following can be further used to their advantage. Why not convert their millions of loyal followers into their customers? 

This strategic move by some of the biggest names in the industry has proved to be very successful. From Chiara Ferragni to Aimee Song, and Huda Kattan to Jeffree Star, these social media stars have changed the way we think about building a business. In this report, we look at how the influencer industry has unfolded into a new kind of business model, and who are the top players that have embarked on their journey of becoming entrepreneurs from influencers. 


  1. Influencer Marketing
  2. Influencers becoming Entrepreneurs
  3. Follower Analysis of the Influencer and Brands
  4. Marketing Methods Used by Influencers
  5. Product and Price Analysis of the Brands
  6. Case Study : Influencer brands - Apparel
  7. Case Study : Influencer brands - Beauty
  8. Case Study : Influencer brands - Accessories
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