Global Bridal Wear

An Overview Of The Bridal Wear Category And Associated Products

While the recession and economic turmoil affect global spending, the bridal wear market has been an area many retailers have started concentrating on. The market is lucrative and constantly expanding. Global bridal wear market is now brimming with new trends, especially with major changes affecting the industry.

One such change has been the legalization of same-sex marriages in many countries. More and more countries are embracing marriage equality. This has greatly boosted the wedding industry, and wedding related sales are increasing. This is also a factor affecting the trends and demand in the industry. Another influencing factor is millennials reaching marriageable age. Similar to all other products, this generation has a distinct choice in terms of wedding planning and clothing. Though final product is always a bit traditional, many millennials prefer fashion forward, unconventional styles in bold colors.

Global bridal wear market is highly fragmented, with most regions being dominated by local players. Many customers opt for bridal wear designed by local talent and manufactured in their own region. The demand for traditional wedding attire is one of the major reasons for this, so is the demand for elaborate designs and a high level of customization in the product.

Retailers are now using the power of internet marriage directories to expand their horizons. Both traditional and online vendors are using the internet to penetrate deeper into the market.


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