Fashionbi Index Book 2015

Brand Considerations and Benchmark Analysis in the Fashion & Luxury Industry - Second Edition

187 pages
With the success of Fashionbi's Index® Book 2014, we now again bring to you a synthesis on Brands' Popularities and Considerations online in the year 2015.

Fashionbi Index is a quantitative measure of the brand considerations online, worldwide. It is an algorithm developed by our team of specialists that takes into account the results on a brand's events throughout its timeline, thereby, transforming such raw data from the digital channels into a unique KPI - a single evaluation framework, that enables one to articulate, in actual quantifiable manner the volume of results around a brand, thanks to the brand’s efforts or even uncalled-for events around it.

With this amazing new study, our specialists have picked a list of eight brands, divided by their country of origin (Italy, France, Spain, UK and USA) and analysed the reasons behind their Index peaks in their lifetime, throughout the year 2015. The brands have been ranked accordingly and some astonishing results have been discovered and some obvious strategies responsible for such high peak trends have been closely analysed upon.

Why Dior and Chanel amongst French brands, topped over Hermes in terms of Index score throughout the year 2015? How amongst Italian brands, a controversial Fashion Show and a Reality TV Show made DSquared2 climb up the charts and create a big buzz? Why Spanish brands like Desigual, Mango and Loewe stealing the show and how the smart Bershka teamed up with Reebok to emerge as a star of the year? Are the British brands more than just Burberry? What is limiting them from flying high? And why do American brands like Calvin Klein and Coach always stay a step ahead? Brands used a lot of celebrity endorsements, provocative ad campaigns, connection with their roots, re-branding and breakaway, the unstoppable power of Instagram - all to their gain. Those who didn't, were forgotten and stayed out of the Fashionbi Index® Rankings too!

Find out much more in Fashionbi's yet another 180+ pages extensive Index handbook.


  1. Introduction
    1. Top French Brands and the Most Interesting Case-Studies
      1. Cartier, and the digital frontier/ storyteller
      2. Camaieu, incentivising wins all
      3. Messika, Creativity at its best
      4. KENZO, the innovative marketer
      5. Hermès, from scandals to success
      6. Chanel, A star-studded affair
      7. Aigle, Young and Free
      8. Aubade, Fun, Humorous, Provocative
      1. Top Italian Brands and the Most Interesting Case-Studies
        1. Dsquared2, Controversial Fashion Show and reality TV start-up
        2. Freddy, Celebrity testimonials on social media
        3. Fratelli Rossetti, Combining Live photo shoots and Expo Milan
        4. Calzedonia, The power of the Hashtag
        5. Morellato, working with wearable technology
        6. Subdued, raising awareness all over the country
        7. Coccinelle, a Socially-Smart Engager
        1. Top Spanish Brands and the Most Interesting Case-Studies
          1. Adolfo Dominguez, Number one priority: making customers happy
          2. Delpozo, Joining forces with e-tailers
          3. Loewe, Where art and luxury meet
          4. Bershka, a new approach to fitness in stores
          5. Mango, Following the Cara Delevigne wave
          6. Oysho, Making the most of social media to boost sales
          7. Lotus, High performance watches that create memories
          8. Chie Mihara, footwear with contemporary aesthetics and modernity
          1. Top UK Brands and the Most Interesting Case-Studies
            1. Burberry, an innovative digital leader
            2. Stella McCartney, The “Queen” of Eco-Fashion
            3. ASOS, Engaging Experience
            4. Rolex, Prestigious Sponsored Events
            5. Rebook, Re-branding
            6. Jimmy Choo, Digital Influencer and Celebrity Engagement
            7. Curvy Kate, Longterm Campaigns
            8. Mulberry, Collaboration with It Girls
            1. Top USA Brands and the Most Interesting Case-Studies
              1. Alexander Wang, The Creative Performer
              2. Athleta, Empowering Women and Donating Through Social Media
              3. Calvin Klein Underwear, Perfect Fit with Bieber
              4. Marchesa, The Art of Collaborating
              5. American Apparel, User-Generated Campaigns
              6. Timberland, Elevating The Iconic Products
              7. Coach, An innovative Traditionalist
              8. ALEX AND ANI, The Philanthropist
              187 pages
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