Design Meets Fashion

How Fashion Brands Are Exploring The Market Of Luxury Furniture And Home Decor

We often think of design as a broad concept encompassing various industries. But how often do we get the chance to see these different domains of design intermingle? In recent years, this phenomenon has seen a rise. Especially the concept of bringing the luxury of fashion to the world of interior design. This amalgamation of fashion with luxury furniture and home decor has seen much success, leading to many such projects sprouting around the globe.

So far most fashion houses were to be seen largely at fashion shows and special trade shows of the fashion industry. But fashion brands and designers are now present at an alternate stage - design weeks.

Design trade shows happen across several cities throughout the year. Similar to a fashion week, they offer a common place where industry professionals, budding designers and customers come together to explore the direction in which design is moving. It is an opportunity to discover new possibilities, experiment and innovate. It is also an ideal place to grow business and make alliances.

Design weeks and trade shows are now regularly witnessing fashion brands participating, to showcase collaborative projects. Fashion brands are stepping into the world of furniture, product, stationery, and home decor, bringing together the brand’s unique aesthetic and the expertise of brands who dominate other spheres of design.

This approach has been appreciated by the customers and has gained rapid popularity. This report cites some of the most prominent examples of design fusing with fashion. 


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  2. Fashion Brands and Their Home Lines
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