Fashion in Russia - What future holds

Political crisis and its possible effect on the industry

35 pages
 Fashion is a very attractive market in Russia, with domestic and international brands showing active growth. However, the current political and economic situation in the country, accompanied by important sanctions and import bans, can lead to serious consequences on the international fashion industry.

  • Learn all you need to know about fashion market in Russia, including the specifications on the country’s light industry
  • Gain insights on the Russian customers’ behavior while making online purchases or shopping abroad
  • Know how the political situation in Russia can affect its fashion market and which trends could be identified in the near future


  1. Fashion Market in Russia. A General Overview
    1. Apparel Market in Russia
    2. Textile and Light Industry in Russia
  2. Fashion Market in Russia. The Situation of the Imports
    1. Imports Figures
    2. Counterfeits and “Grey” Market in Russia
    3. Imports Ban and Possible Risks
  3. Fashion Market in Russia. E-commerce
  4. Shopping Abroad
    1. The Cross-Border Shopper
    2. Shopping Destinations: Italy and UK
  5. What to Expect?
    1. Imports from China. How far can they increase?
    2. Shopping Abroad. Who is buying where and what to expect?
    3. E-commerce. Will there be a “boom”?
    4. Domestic Companies and Designers. A perfect opportunity for success?
  6. Conclusion
35 pages
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