Eyewear Market and the Key Business Players

Behind the Thriving Global Sunglasses and Frames Industry

Eyewear is a big market, untouched by the season and popular all around the world all day and even the night. It has rather become a status symbol, besides a functional one, which both young and old generation not loosing one chance to flaunt them. Whether sunglasses or eyeglasses, they are both nowadays carefully chosen to match with the outfit, adding to the whole 'oomph' factor.
Any and every fashion brand now has sunglasses in their portfolios and often have them as the best selling products. From Prada or Bulgari sunglasses costing on average $500 and above, to more affordable Tommy Hilfiger or the classic Ray-Ban - a customer today has a wide variety to choose from. However, a big hidden secret behind this huge business that a customer is unaware of (or perhaps doesn't care) is the outsourcing of this business by the brands to the third party licensing partners.
This eyewear licensing world is dominated by a very few handful of mainly Italian companies producing, supplying and even designing for the big labels all around the world. Luxottica and Safilo holding the biggest market share of them all. All these third parties today are not only producing for the other brands but with all the know-how that they've gathered in years have allowed them to establish their own in-house brands.
In this research, Fashionbi team has not only brought forward the closer take on the eyewear giants, their strategies and profits, but also, shed light on various fashion and luxury brand's marketing techniques to promote and make their eyewear look desirable. From celebrity collaborations to creative contests or sponsorships - we have covered it all for you!


  1. Overview on the Eyewear Market
    1. Top Eyewear Manufacturers and their financial results
      1. Pricing Levels if the Eyewear Brands
        1. Eyewear Price Range by Fashion Brands
        2. Eyewear Price Range by Designer Labels
        3. Eyewear Price Range by Niche Brands
      2. Advertising Campaigns for the Eyewear Products
        1. Eyewear Campaigns with Millennial Models
        2. Eyewear Campaigns with Top Celebrities
        3. Eyewear Campaigns with Fashion Influencers
        4. Codesigned Eyewear Collections
      3. Special Activities for the Eyewear Promotion
        1. Eyewear Market Risks
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