Email Marketing

Understanding How Brands Can Use Newsletters Effectively

We are all familiar with Email Marketing, a strategy used by almost all companies nowadays. Email Marketing, or Newsletters are sent by brands to increase communication with their customers and constantly engage with them. Newsletter can be targeted towards specific markets. It is extremely cost-effective, and can reach a large number of customers with just a click. 

Despite newer methods of marketing, Email Marketing still remains one of the most relevant and powerful ways of communicating with customers. It helps to nurture customer loyalty and increase brand recall. But most importantly, it helps the brand to connect with the customer. Every email sent has a purpose behind it, and brands are using newsletters to serve many of their marketing needs. Newsletters are used to enhance the relationship with existing customers and to retain them for the future. It also helps with acquiring new customers, and expanding the current customer base of the brand. 

It has been proven by many marketers and studies done by several research companies, that Email Marketing, continues to be one very effective in increasing brand sales and awareness. With the world going digital, an online approach is now even more compelling. It has become a norm to connect emails to other online platforms. Brands’ e-commerce websites and Social Media channels are commonly mentioned in newsletters. Another advantage of Email Marketing is the fact that it is easily measurable. The returns on an Email Marketing campaign can be measured in various ways, and the efficacy can be studied. 


  1. Introduction
    1. Analyzing Newsletters by Fashion Brands
      1. Types of Newsletters
        1. Best Practices
          1. Mistakes to Avoid
            1. Key Takeaways
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