Chinese Social Media Trends

How are the brands using power of social and app to do commerce

Chinese social media platforms are just another way brands do commerce, and it is just growing. Compared to the West, China social media is one of the key marketing channels for fashion brands in generating the most ROI. Instead of revamping websites, brands are solely investing in optimising social-specific strategies bombarding fans and followers with the best offers.

Todays there are many different social platforms and apps like Qzone, Douban, Meipai etc., but the ones that remain most effective for international fashion brands are Wechat and Weibo. Both networks are constantly updating the platforms to provide brand as many customisation opportunities as possible - for each brand to have its own identity and way to communicate to its audience.

Wechat is currently even offering brands an opportunity to create app-in-app, otherwise called a "mini-app" where the brands can provide important information or offer exclusive products. Longchamp has already use it to offer special collection bags. Additionally, similar to Instagram, the app also offers opportunity to buy within the app thereby saving too many steps between simulation and final purchase, and customer-care platform on top. On the other hand, Weibo is still the celebrity-first platform where the brands can use the power of such influencers to sell their products and services. Moreover, these social platforms are also offering their own payment-methods using which a user can pay online and select store offline.

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