2018 Chinese New Year

A Celebration of the Year of the Dog by the Fashion Industry

China’s Lunar Near Year is many things to that country’s population. Just as Christmas and New Year are the biggest celebration in the West, the fast-growing economy in the East begins their biggest annual celebration right after the festivities end in the West. The 2018 Lunar New Year, the Chinese brought in the Year of the Dog. Chinese New Year celebrations usually last for around two weeks, during which many businesses close for a few days as people enjoy street parties and spend time with family and friends.

Large numbers travel across cities and towns in the region to celebrate the new year with their loved ones. Travel sales start building up before the anticipated new year day, with hundreds of thousands of people buying train and plane tickets to visit their friends and family. Copious amounts of food are shared and gifts are exchanged, as people ring in the first days of the moon’s new cycle with fireworks to ward off bad spirits.

As China’s population is known to have the largest online presence, technology has played a big role in transforming New Year celebrations as well. Every aspect of the festival has evolved, and several digital methods of celebrating it have been introduced by the local tech giants.

The happiest-time-of-the-year among Chinese communities offers lucrative opportunities to retailers and brands, and international brands have also started participating in promotional activities for local consumers. To marketers and businesses, the associated spending spree, which has been growing every year, is a reason to maximize sales. Lunar New Year celebrations today are competitive, big-budget and technologically advanced.

This report shows how fashion brands and Chinese companies encouraged the Chinese to shop more and indulge in the festivities during Lunar New Year 2018.


  1. Chinese New Year in Numbers
  2. Festive Transformation of the Local Apps
  3. Fashion Brands on Weibo
  4. Fashion Brands on WeChat
  5. Omni-Marketing Campaigns
  6. Key Takeaways
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