Western Social Media Platforms

Key Insights, Best Practices and Tips for the Fashion Brands

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Social Media today is not just another marketing channel, it is a mandatory part of the brand marketing and promotion activities. If a brand is not present and active on at least the mainstream channels, it is simply considered ignorant and lagging behind. In the present consumer culture, a brand should be visible and searchable, and if it is not, a consumer will simply go with the competitors.

Now, many brands irrespective of the market segments like Nike, Burberry or Louis Vuitton, not only have their smoothly running global accounts on these media platforms, they also have separate pages to cater to the diverse target audience (like local country accounts, accounts by product lines etc.). While Facebook is a channel where product posts with e-commerce links are the most successful, Twitter is more of a quick news sharing and more of a CRM channel, Instagram a more visual channel where the most curated of photos from the most important events featuring highly influential personas are to be posted. And, these channels are not limited to just the usual posting, they have many other features to offer like the call-to-action buttons, advertising etc. to the businesses that can lead a user directly on the brand's website/e-commerce and make a consumer's shopping experience as quick and easy as possible. However, before making use of such features, a brand should set clearly defined goals and user-experience it plans to provide its users through such investments. And, what about the rest viz. Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, Youtube and the very buzzing Snapchat? Are they confined to just a limited promotion options? What could be done to better once visibility there?

With this Western Social Media Guide, Fashionbi has simply tried to bring forth such important aspects of all the important Western channels, what the brands are are already doing there, and what could be done better in order to get the best optimized ROMI. Become a member, download the PDF and learn more.


  1. Key Social Media Statistics
  2. Social Media Map
  3. Facebook For the Fashion Industry
  4. Twitter For the Fashion Industry
  5. Instagram For the Fashion Industry
  6. Google+ For the Fashion Industry
  7. LinkedIn For the Fashion Industry
  8. Pinterest For the Fashion Industry
  9. YouTube For the Fashion Industry
  10. Snapchat For the Fashion Industry
  11. Vine For the Fashion Industry
60 pages
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