Wearable Technology

How Fashion, Luxury and Activewear Brands Monetize Innovations

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The market demand for the smart-wearables is accelerating at a fast pace, especially in the regions of North America, Western Europe and Asia-Pacific. One in every ten adults in United States owns a fitness gadget. Brands are trying hard to overcome the limitation like size, displays, battery-life, wireless feature and so on, whilst keeping the device as fashionable as possible. Today is the era of haute tech, and the challenge lies in not only making the device functional but also fashion forward, at the same time.

Fashionbi's new marketing research brings to you all about this ever-growing industry of fash-tech. Inside you can find:

  • Wearables market (autonomous and passive) and their growth statistics
  • Key brands/retailers collaborating with Tech giants
  • Tech limitations and how brands are overcoming them
  • Smartwatches, wristbands and jewels as the tech-first devices
  • Smart glasses, apparel and footwear trends taking over the market
  • Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors and Kate Spade cashing on smart bags


  1. Wearable Technology Industry
    1. What is Wearable Technology?
    2. Evolution of Wearables
    3. Market Insights
    4. Key Players In The Market
    5. The Future Family
  2. When Fashion and Luxury Meet Wearable Technology
    1. Case-Study: Smartwatch
    2. Case-Study: Wristband
    3. Case-Study: Jewelry
    4. Case-Study: Eyewear
    5. Case-Study: Apparel
    6. Case-Study: Footwear
    7. Case-Study: Handbags
  3. What Is Next?
30 pages
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