The Monetization Of Instagram

How The Social Media Is Optimizing ROMI For Fashion Brands

Social Commerce is already the next big thing. In China, it has already long been practiced with extremely positive outcomes. In other parts of the world, this feature is still under developing and testing phases on the mainstream networks and often not available worldwide still. 

Following its huge success in the social branding arena, Instagram further extended its services to Shoppable images via "Instashop" feature in collaboration with the brands, influencers and the third party platforms. Instagram, however, didn't stop there. With the success of Insta-shopping with the brands as well a the consumers, in 2015, the platform launched its "sponsored ads" feature allowing the businesses to take a step further in reaching their target consumers. The brands could not only carry product promotions by leading the viewers to their e-commerce but also promote any of their latest campaigns, fashion shows or even special offers leading consumers to diverse platforms via creative call-to-actions.

In this research, Fashionbi team has managed to dig in-depth on the various possibilities offered by Instagram in regards to Insta-shopping. Various platforms as Like2buyit, LiketoKnowit and even the Editorials like Grazia are now serving different purposes related to either shop the brand or shop the look, along with style tips and inspiration boards. All such prevailing platforms have been brought forth discussing their concepts, UX integration with Instagram and their strategies to further simulate the impulse purchase in the consumers.

Download this research to know all on this very important touchpoint, plus, get key insights and tips on how a brand can use the platform wisely to monetize upon its communication content rightfully, widely and instantly.


  1. Instagram Popularity
  2. The importance of Instagram for Fashion & Luxury Brands
  3. The importance of Instagram for Fashion Bloggers and Influencers
  4. Instagram for Business
    1. New Features
    2. Advertising
  5. Shop the Brand
    1. Like2Buy
    2. Feedshop
    3. FourSixty
    4. LikeToHave.It
    5. Saks Fifth Avenue
    6. Suitsupply
  6. Shop the Look
    2. Fashion Me Now by Lucy Williams
    3. WhoWhatWear
    4. Swavy
    5. Project September
  7. Editorials
    1. InStyle
    2. ShopStyle
    3. Grazia shop
  8. E-tailers
    2. Yoox
    3. Net-a-Porter
  9. Key Takeaways

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