Chinese New Year 2017 (Spring Festival)

How Fashion & Luxury Brands Celebrated the Year of the Rooster

Chinese are one of the unique cultures that maintained their local calendar and each year more and more countries around the world celebrate the Chinese New Year or as it is better know, Spring Festival, with them.

Spring Festival is an Eastern equivalent of Christmas, but with each year, it is surpassing the latter not only in terms of celebrations or enthusiasm but with more and more spendings and revenues for the brands. Fashion industry has already understood its significance and is constantly putting big budgets aside each year to make the next campaign even bigger and better.

This year, there was a whooping 81% and 68% increase witnessed, respectively, in online visitors to e-commerce sites two weeks before and after the first day of Lunar New Year. Many fashion and luxury brands also made it in the top 10 names of the most preferred brand choices as gifts for both men and women, with Louis Vuitton being the most prominent.


  1. Spring Festival: A Prime Retail Span
    1. Key Destinations For The Spring Holidays 2017
    2. Purchasing Behaviour
    3. Gifting Trends
    4. Brand Preferences
  2. Special Collections By Mass Market Brands
  3. New Year Collections By Premium And Luxury Brands
  4. Limited Editions of Popular Products
  5. Key Takeaways
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