The Plus Size Fashion Phenomena

When Curvy Fashion Goes Mainstream, Beyond Measure

Fashion. Beyond. Measure. 

It hasn't been long that the xx-extra large pieces of clothing and other fashion products hit the brand shelves. It hasn't been long since the 'large models' started to rock the fashion runway or even that such catwalks even existed. Kim Kardashian wouldn't have ideally been a designer's typical muse, or that a plus size blogger like Gabrielle Gregg or a plus size model like Ashley Graham broke the internet, up until a few years ago!

But today it's different. Today, curvy is chic and style is not defined anymore by age, gender or size. Today, #curvyfashion is one of the most trending hashtags on Instagram. Today is more about shaming the body-shamers, self-empowerment, and basically catering to anyone and everyone who seeks to have his/her own signature style and inspire others. And, this segment has really come out as an entire separate and highly potentially profitable category of target consumers for many brands. Not only the products but the entire marketing and communication has diversed-out within a brand, to appeal to this special segment of fashion-seekers. Be it #WeAreVioleta campaign by Mango OR a relaunch of Eloquii 2.0 plus-size.

However, many argue that the term 'plus-size' is demeaning and plus does not always mean curvy. Other argue that large sizes are an after-though rather than the integration in standard product lines of the brands. Many brands do have the offering but either not on all its channels or not advertised enough for the consumers to know. How are the brands coping with the product, nomenclature, marketing and communication of this segment, without hurting customer sentiments? What about the mens segment, what's going on there in terms of large sized clothing? 

Read the research to know about some of the most hidden challenges of this segment and how are the brands tacking them for great results. 


  1. Introduction
  2. Market Trends
  3. How Has Fashion Reacted On Plus Size?
  4. Plus Size Fashion Brands
  5. Plus Size Fashion In Revenues
    2. N Brown Group
    3. Eloquii
    4. Marina Rinaldi
    5. Reitmand (Canada) Limited
    6. ModCloth
  6. How Is Plus Size Fashion Communicated?
    1. Lane Bryant’s #PlusIsEqual Campaign
    2. Curvy Kate’s #TheNewSexy The Fearlessly Diverse Campaign
    3. JCPenny’s #HereIAm Campaign
    4. American Eagle’s #AerieMan Campaign
    5. Dressman’s #JustTheWayYouAre Campaign
    6. ESPN's Annual Body Positivity Campaign
    7. It's all in the name? #IAmNeonMoon Campaign
  7. Plus Size Fashion Bloggers
    1. Bloggers For Addition Elle
    2. Bloggers For H&M
    3. Bloggers For Swimsuitsforall
  8. Key Takeaways
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