Online Fashion Retail

Growth, Impact, Consumer Perspectives and Omnichannel Strategies

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What is the online Fashion market size versus global and what is it's impact over a brand's offline store? What are the different online consumer behaviours country-by-country? How to convert my digital shoppers to actual buyers? What is the worth of establishing an online store over the offline brick-and-mortar store for my brand?

Through Fashionbi's new Marketing Research, find answers to these and much more:

  •  Global Fashion & Apparel Online Retail Sectors - market size and consumer behaviours
  •  Country-wise online market attractiveness and Fashion Apparel buying behaviours
  •  Digital shoppers versus buyers and top multibrand stores success stories
  •  Impact of online on the brick-and-mortar (offline) and how to combine the two as an omni-strategy
  •  Brand case-studies - revenues, omni-channel strategy implementations and their results
  •  Advantages for the retailers to have an online store and opportunities for conversions


  1. Online Fashion Industry
    1. Online Retailing
    2. Global Fashion Market
    3. Growth Trend in Apparel and Online Retail Sectors
    4. Consumer Behaviour per Category during Online Shopping
    5. Online Market Attractiveness
    6. Online Fashion, Country-wise Data
    7. USA Digital Shoppers and Buyers
    8. Multibrand Online Stores
  2. Impact of Online Growth on Brick-and-Mortar Stores
    1. Impact of Online Growth on Offline Stores and Omni-channel Strategies
    2. Mobile Device Usage in fashion Shopping
    3. Brands Case-Studie
  3. Online Stores: Retailer vs Customer Perspective
    1. Business Reasons for Retailers to have an Owned Online Store
    2. Conversion Rates at Online Stores

Brands mentioned in the case studies

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