Omni-Channel Marketing

How Fashion Brands Are Making The Customer Journey Seamless

Omni-channel has been the essential marketing strategy for businesses in the recent years and continues to be incorporated in the core approach of a brand. It means having a fully-integrated approach to commerce that gives customers a consistent experience while interacting with a brand. The touch-points of brand and consumer interaction has increased and so has the way consumers perceive their shopping experience.
Omni-channel retailing is about ensuring the brand reaches the customer wherever they are, whenever they want, and all along give them the same homogenous experience - whether it is at the brick-and-mortar store, the website or through a mobile app. It is the evolution of each channel in a way that it connects with all other channels of the brand, and gives the customer a seamless journey.
Customers do not shop the same way they did a few years ago, and hence cannot be approached with the same strategy as before. Consumer behaviour has become more complicated with the arrival of alternate methods and channels of shopping. Once a brand begins to understand the relationship between digital and in-store for omni-channel shoppers, it's important to think about reaching them wherever they are and making the experience seamless. A customer’s buying decision relies on many other aspects apart from the product alone. This includes how engaging the brand is, how easy and convenient it is to shop with the brand, and how the brand can give the customer an overall experience that they can remember.
Omni-channel is a tremendous opportunity for brands, and many are designing their business models keeping this in mind. This research explores the various ways in which they are trying to bridge the gap between their channels to give the customer a smooth shopping experience.


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