Mobile Apps for the Fashion Industry

How Brands Can Use Mobile to Influence Consumers’ Shopping Habits

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Mobile is becoming the most powerful tool for any brand/retailer to fuel consumers' shopping obsessions. It's not a matter of developing just an app or an m-commerce platform, but there lies much more than that. A customer is 24/7 connected online via mobile, the challenge is to understand what kind of platform to develop to keep true to the brand image as well as cater to these active audience.

This marketing research sheds light on such opportunities, best practices by the brands and retailers, plus, the successful strategies that can be applied to make an app more playful, interesting and convenient to the users:

  • Mobile Shopping and its accelerating growth trend
  • Brand Apps case-studies (characteristics, target, usage, consumer sentiments)
  • Challenges for Premium brands in communicating brand image through the apps
  • How Luxury watches and jewellery brands use advanced apps to cater to their customers
  • Activewear brands with sport, health and product apps
  • Beauty apps with more than just the products (video tutorials, new collections information etc.)
  • Augmented Reality as a must to be incorporated in brand's/retailer's apps


  1. Key Stats on the Mobile and Tablet Usage
  2. Mobile Shopping
  3. Mobile Application Overview
    1. Mass Market Segment
    2. Premium Market Segment
    3. Luxury Jewellery and Watches
    4. Activewear Market Segment
    5. Beauty Market Segment
  4. Augmented Reality Applications
70 pages
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