Micro-Moments In Fashion

How Brands Cash Intent-Rich Moments in Digital Customer Journey

According to Google, Micro-moments occur when people reflexively turn to a device - increasingly a smartphone - to act on a need to learn something, do something, discover something, watch something, or buy something. These are the intent-rich moments, when a customer has the highest expectation out of an engagement it is making with a brand and if at this point, the brand fails to instantly react in the most convenient way possible for the customer, the intent is gone and opportunity might be lost.

At Fashionbi, we define these moments in respect to a fashion brand-customer relationship that can begin at any moment in the customer's journey like Before the purchase - I want to Know, During the purchase - I want to Buy and After the purchase - I want to Review. A customer can either be certain of what he wants at any stage, or uncertain just browsing around, gaining more information and comparing, before making a definite investment in a brand. And thanks to the technological advances, a customer can now act on any of the moments, at any time, anywhere and however he wants. aAnd his actions can certainly influence those around him and exposed to his feedbacks. Brands need to first be aware of these diverse touchpoints with which a customer can reach it, and then act accordingly with the means of digital communication to lure him to its own world, before a competitor might do.

In this research, we have tried to bring forth these ultra-crucial moments that need to be addressed by the brands rightfully, and the team also went on to study practical brand cases to analyze brand offerings at various stages of the journey, how the brands reacted and how in the long-run can it be fruitful for them to establish a concrete loyal customer-base.


  1. Introduction to E-commerce & Micro-Moments
    1. Micro-Moments In Fashion
      1. I-want-to-know
      2. I-want-to-buy
      3. I-want-to-review
    2. Case Studies
      1. Abercrombie & Fitch
      2. Calvin Klein
      3. Kate Spade
    3. Conclusion: Digital Touchpoints of Fashion Micro-Moments
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