Latin American Fashion

Trends, Challenges and Opportunities for Brands in South America

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South America is not very often the 'top of mind' market when it comes to international fashion. However, in the recent years, the brands have seen an immense demand and potential in this region and doing all they can to cater to the local audience. With the growth of digital audience and more fashion conscious demanding consumers, this doesn't come easy. A lot of home-grown local brands have a strong established presence here, plus, issues such as high tax rates, currency fluctuations and so on often become a barrier for the international brands to expand here.

However, for the local brands, it is not a cake-walk either. Fashionbi team of specialists went on to interview the who's who of the local fashion scene in Latin America, like the founder of Trista and Yakampot etc., to understand their offering, their perception of consumer behaviour, the challenges they face and their future goals and strategies. It is interesting to see how the challenges differ from country-to-country within Latin America. Our specialists then also went on to analyse in depth the strategies of international labels with South American roots, for example: Carolina Herrera and Oscar de la Renta and compared both the established and emerging brands' digital footprints.

What is the role of social media in the Latin American brands' communication? How well they perceive digital? What are the other opportunities for the local brands to expand globally and for the international labels to enter in this market?

Find it all in Fashionbi's latest marketing research on South American Fashion.


  1. Insights on Latin American Market
  2. Digital Behaviour in Latin America
  3. Inside View on Latin American Fashion Market
    1. Cristina Ramella
    2. MCMA London
    3. Olga Piedrahita
    4. Silvia Tcherassi
    5. Trista
    6. Tony Vergara
    7. Veronica Angel
    8. Yakampot
    1. Analysis on Latin American Brands and Designers
    2. So What? How to Succeed as a Brand in this Market
    35 pages
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