Kidswear Market Report 2016

How the Global Childrenswear Sector has Evolved and What are the Future Trends

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Kids are growing up way too fast, nowadays. From an emotional standpoint, it might not be very well perceived, but from a business standpoint, the one who turns this happening into an 'opportunity' wins. And so did a few brands. If  they were not confident enough to go solo at first, they test the waters with a joint collaboration with already established retail giants like Disney and succeeded to launch their own independent kids or mini-me lines. Did you know Dior was the first one ever to realise the potential in this market and came up with the first ever kids line, followed by Ralph Lauren? Many brands went as further as providing the whole 'family look', marketing it as a way to bring the families closer, dressing the kids into the adults they admire the most, i.e. their parents.

Many of these little fashionistas are already gaining influence on the social media. From Shiloh to Suri Cruise to the Beckham kids to Prince George - they are all becoming the voice of the brands and already helping them to earn with their looks; in June 2015 witnessed 16-fold increase in sales of kids’ Crocs brand shoes because Prince George was photographed in these blue Croc clogs. Such is becoming the power of celebrity babies and their impact on the society today is also huge. Today, kids are exposed to all their surroundings - the media, technology, peers - all this is leading to high interest of the 'normal kids' too, to look good and dress-up for the occasion.

Besides, there have been a lot of noticeable Instagram accounts online, of parents and kids or of only the kids, managed by their parents. This list has been gathered and brought forward too in this report. The current childrenswear market trends that the brands need to explore have been analysed, along with various successful mini-me brand campaigns case-studies and the niche online mommy and kids boutique that came into being - have been dug upon.

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  1. Introduction to the Childrenswear Market
    1. Brand Collaborations for Childrenswear
      1. Timeline of the Brand Extensions to Childrenswear
        1. Trends in Childrenswear Market
          1. Brands’ Mini-Me Campaigns
            1. Dolce&Gabbana
            2. Mango
            3. H&M
            4. House of Holland
            1. Mini-Me Clothing Brands
              1. Kids as Influencers on the Social Media
                1. Conclusion
                  35 pages
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