Internet of Things and RTLS Services

Real-time Location Sensing and Analytics for Fashion Retailers

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We are obsessed with technological innovations in Fashion. Not long ago, Fashionbi launched marketing researches about Wearable Technology and Mobile Apps in the Fashion Industry to bring forth all the ongoing and future innovations likely to immerse with the fashion system. This time, Fashionbi, in collaboration with Leantegra (a smart-retail solution provider), brings to you a brand new research about the technological advancements in the Retail Sector - how the customer can be lured in a store, how their behaviours can be tracked and how marketers and retailers can use such analytics to then improve their offerings and targeted marketing strategies. There can also be found fine takes on all the prevalent technologies behind RTLS (Real-Time Location Systems) today - Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ultra-wide band, iBeacon, Eddystone, Infrared or NFC etc.

With this research, you can learn more about: 

  • Challenges faced by the retailers of today
  • How and why to track consumer behaviour data in retail spaces
  • The role of analytics in strategizing real-time marketing (through mobile, smart gadgets etc.)
  • Why Internet of Things (IoT) is the present and the future for smart retailing
  • RTLS = mobile marketing, operational intelligence and location-based safety solutions
  • Technological advancements throughout the years and their benefits for RTLS
  •  Omni-channel solutions to increase traffic, conversions, customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • PowerBeacon and CVO Portal to track customers and generate real-time interactions
  • Smartphones, Wearables, Smart Shelves and Location Tags supporting retail revolution


  1. Main Challenges and Gaps Fashion Industry Faces Today
  2. Introduction to the Internet of Things, RTLS and Location Analytics
  3. Technologies Behind RTLS
  4. Omni-Channel Marketing with Leantegra
    1. Platform Overview
    2. PowerBeacon and CV Portal
    3. Smartphones
    4. Wearables
    5. Location Tags
    6. CVO Portal Data and Analytics Dashboards
25 pages
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