Ideologies shaping the Lingerie Industry

Understanding the new ‘relevant’ of the intimate apparel industry

Lingerie market has gained importance in the apparel industry in the last few years, as it not only serves aesthetically but also is considered a basic necessity for every woman. The intimate wear industry has grown rapidly, with western giants entering developing markets and new brands popping up globally. 

Many brands have started focusing on the right fit. They are trying to help customers pick the right size and shape for them, either through guidance in stores or at home through their websites. With increasing Internet penetration and growing use of smartphones, the adoption of online shopping has increased. The availability of standardized measurement guides on fittings and size also contributes to the growth of online lingerie sales. 

For many years, the market was dominated by a few big players. However, in the recent years, the attitude towards intimate apparel has changed. The existing brands focused on a narrow customer base, but now there are new brands who are broadening their product range in order to attend to the needs of a wider audience. 

There has also been a complete change in the way lingerie is being marketed today. Gone are the days when sexy advertisements were enough to pull the crowd. Customers in today’s age want beyond superficial benefits. They are looking for new relevant brands, that provide better function and are in sync with the customers’ outlook. 

This report presents the new market trends in the lingerie industry and the upcoming players who are changing scenario with their ideologies. 


  1. Introduction
    1. Key Driving Factors
      1. Global Market Overview
        1. Pathbreaking Brands
          1. Collaborations
            1. Established Industry Players
              1. Key Takeaways
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