How To Achieve A Successful Live Fashion Show

New And Innovative Strategies Brands Used To Present Their Collections During Fashion Week

One of the biggest elements of the fashion industry hit by the coronavirus pandemic was the fashion week. What was once the most sought after event for fashion professionals, became a virtual event with much struggle among the community.

After one and a half years of living in virtual reality, finally, in 2021, fashion week came back to its old self for the Spring Summer 2022 season. Especially the Milan and Paris shows in September 2021, where most brands did in-person shows to showcase their new collections.

As always many brands experimented with formats, but one thing was common for all. The shows were no longer limited to the show attendees, but they were designed to cater to the audience at-large around the world watching virtually, those who will eventually be generating the revenue for the brands.

Most brands live-streamed their shows on social media channels. The staple was Instagram, a favourite of all fashion brands. But some decided to also choose platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn to broadcast their shows to reach a wider audience. For some brands it was important to reach their customers in the eastern regions and so Asian channels became an important factor to consider for live-streaming.

Live-streaming wasn't the only concern for brands. They undertook various projects and collaborations to attract the attention of customers. From emerging designers to Gen-Z popstars to K-pop idols, brands invited superstars to be a part of their live events, and generated a huge buzz around their collection launch.

In this report, we look at the top shows that used unique marketing tactics to pull the attention of the audience online and the top performers online during the fashion weeks.


  1. Introduction
  2. Versace
  3. Fendace
  4. Moncler
  5. Dior
  6. Balenciaga
  7. Prada
  8. Chanel
  9. Gucci
  10. Balmain
  11. Live Viewers Statistics
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