Gamification Marketing in Fashion and Retail

How to Boost a Customer’s Shopping Experience

It is no secret that even the remotest of places contribute toward a heavy smartphone traffic today. Communication and entertainment have become two of the most important needs in the current digital world, especially when it comes to mobile and apps. 

An aggressively increasing traffic and interest toward online activities such as video games gave rise to the concept of gamification marketing - which is defined as the application of game thinking and game mechanics in a non-game context

It is a very smart way, first implemented in 2011, whereby an action could be followed by an incentive that the companies can offer to its customers who interact and engage with it. Reward is the best mechanic of any gamification campaign, together with six other mechanics, that can help boost a user's enthusiasm and further increases his interest and want, to buy from the brand. This user, when constantly simulated with such targeted marketing, can then become loyal customers and advocates of the brand, thereby, spreading the word and increasing the organic community around the brand.

In this research, learn various aspects of gamification marketing including omnichannel, together with the success stories from the fashion world, get inspired and start making your customer's experience with your brand world  lot more fun.


  1. Going Digital, The Global Overview
    1. Global Internet Users
    2. Smartphone Usage
    3. Traditional Media vs Digital Media
  2. What is Gamification Marketing?
    1. Gamification Marketing by Fashion Brands
      1. Campaigns to Increase the Awareness
      2. Campaigns to Boost Sales
      3. Omni-Marketing Campaigns
    2. Gamification Mechanics and the Success of Pokemon Go
      1. Key Takeaways
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