Fashionbi Index Book 2014

Brand Consideration and Benchmark Analysis On 160 Fashion & Luxury Brands

102 pages
A brand's consideration has become so central in contemporary marketing and communication activities that it has naturally become a vital management metric. 

By daily tracking more than 3,500 brands' business and digital activities with the proprietary Fashionbi Index®, a unique quantitive measurable KPI of a brand's consideration, Fashionbi delivers the Fashionbi Index® Book - the world's most comprehensive research on a brand's consideration on the Fashion & Luxury Industry.

> Find out why Victoria Beckham is among the Top Performers, the brand practices and the reasons behind its growth in brand consideration volumes

> Discover which brands won the marketing battles of the major sports events of the analysed period and how they did it

> Get Actionable Insights to optimise your brand results and competitive intelligence


  1. Introduction
  2. Mass Market & Specialty Apparel Retailers Segment
    1. H&M, the leader of the segment
    2. Urban Outfitters, any kind of publicity to be good publicity
    3. Aèropostale, teenage angst
    4. Converse, collaborating with the elite
    5. Desigual, atypical fashion shows
  3. Premium & Luxury Segments
    1. Michael Kors, defining modern luxury
    2. Louis Vuitton, the art of collaboration
    3. Chanel, the unforgettable fashion shows
    4. Victoria Beckham, a star on the designer’s seat
    5. Marc Jacobs, a social media affair
  4. Underwear & Swimwear Market
    1. Victoria’s Secret, leveraging your brand assets
    2. Intimissimi, creating memorable experiences
    3. Tezenis,is all about Valentine’s Day
    4. La Perla, going back to the Origins
    5. Marc Jacobs, a social media affair
  5. Activewear Market
    1. Nike Vs Adidas, the World Cup Battle
    2. Sochi Winter Olympics, which brands stroke golds
  6. Beauty Market
    1. MAC, a multi-faceted approach to marketing
    2. Dove, redefining beauty
    3. Kiehl’s, towards a social lift-off.
    4. Lancome, knowing your customers

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102 pages
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