Fashion Shows Live On Social Media

How Social Media Has Changed The Way Fashion Shows Are Watched Today

As another fashion month came to an end in September, a significant change in the atmosphere of the industry was felt by everyone on social media. Not just the brands and the industry insiders, but also fashion enthusiasts and brand loyalists experienced the frenzy of Fashion Week, thanks to livestreaming of shows.

Livestreaming has become ubiquitous. Brands are no longer holding shows meant only for the Front Row regulars, but to attract a much wider audience. The spectacle takes place for not just a set number of buyers, journalists and key opinion leaders, as with just a click of a button anyone and everyone can tune into the live streaming of the show.

Social media channels like Instagram, Facebook and others have given brands the ammunition to become more relatable. These luxury brands have products which are far too expensive to buy, but nonetheless thrive on being aspirational brands for thousands and millions of fans, who also want to be a part of the biggest unveiling every season.

In fact, social media live streaming has already become a norm now, and brands are trying to find new ways to stand out from the rest. The set, the music, celebrities and front row guests and special collaborations are now seen by people from the mobile device, who enjoy partaking in this event and forming their own initial opinion on the collections before they are informed by the so-called industry critics.

But how successful are these Live shows? And which are the top brands acing the fashion week extravaganza on social media? Through this report we look at some of the most interesting shows of the season and the tactics used by them to promote their fashion shows online.


  1. Introduction
  2. Top Fashion Shows on Social Media
  3. Men's Fashion Week
    1. Milan Fashion Week
    2. Paris Fashion Week
  4. Paris Haute Couture Week
  5. Women's Fashion Week
    1. New York Fashion Week
    2. London Fashion Week
    3. Milan Fashion Week
    4. Paris Fashion Week
  6. Key Trends - Fashion Week SS20
  7. Must-do Activities for Successful Live Shows
  8. Annex
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