Fashion Influencer Marketing

Creating Successful Brand Collaborations with Fashion Bloggers in 2016

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Following the success of our best-selling The Influence of Fashion Bloggers marketing research, Fashionbi yet again brings to you a brand new take on the Influencers Marketing in 2016. In this research, in collaboration with NAVADA Group (a digital content and engagement solution), our specialists have brought forward all you need to know to carry a successful collaboration, both from the brand and the influencer's side. Not only have the basic collaboration elements and the tips been underlined, the tools and technologies and the KPIs resulting in an optimized campaign ROI have also been indicated.

With this research, you can learn about:

  • The growing impact of Influencers worldwide and what they can offer today
  • Most influential personalities on different social media channels, their reach, engagement and collaborations
  • Things to keep in mind before establishing a collaboration
  • How, with whom to leverage the collaborations and why
  • Establishing campaign goals on both sides, what KPIs to consider and how to measure them
  • Omni-channel marketing campaign strategies to attract an influencer and make them your loyal advocate
  • Tips and Tricks on how to make the influencers mention your brand
  • The future of online media as a social commerce platform, tools and technologies behind it
  • List of platforms to measure brand-influencer collaboration results and, thus, tune them in real-time 
  •  NAVADA Group case-study, influencer content marketing and ‘clickable video and monetization’ of video content


  1. The Landscape of Influencer Marketing
  2. Main Steps to Collaborate with the Fashion Influencers
    1. Who is your target audience?
    2. Research, research, and do more research
    3. What do you want to gain from the influencer?
    4. Know the rules
    5. What is the big picture for your fashion campaign?
    6. Determine your social goals
    7. Measure and then develop your performance
  3. Different Ways to Enhance Marketing Campaigns with the influencers
  4. The Future of Influencer Marketing in the Fashion Industry
  5. Platforms that Collate Brands and Influencers
  6. Case-Study by NAVADA Group
29 pages
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