Fashion E-Commerce in China

How Do Fashion Brands Sell And Promote Products Online In China

Chinese fashionistas have a very high purchasing power, and most customers were accustomed to buying luxury brands abroad while traveling. They contributed in a big way to tourism related sales. Brands are starting to understand these demands, and have now started offering their products and services to Chinese customers by bringing it to the east.

Chinese consumers are tech-savvy and spend a large amount of time online. They are digital natives, and this had led to the expansion of e-commerce business in this market, driven by their mobile-first consumer behaviour. Another element aiding this e-commerce boost in the country, is the robust digital payment services, which offer immense convenience and absolute security to consumers.

Despite the tremendous opportunity this market has to offer, brands must bear in the mind the cultural nuances of the region, and how the consumers behave in this country. Chinese consumers have very different purchasing behaviour. Their purchase decisions are influenced by factors different from that of western customers. Media consumption through Social Media apps like WeChat and Weibo are very impactful in swaying the Chinese consumers’ buying decisions.

This report gives a comprehensive idea of where fashion brands are selling online in China and what are the strategies adopted by them to boost their sales in the country.


  1. Online Shopping in China
    1. Top Marketplaces for Fashion Brands
      1. E-Commerce Strategies for Fashion Brands
        1. Online Tmall Store
        2. Oline Flagship Store
        3. Tmall + Online Flagship Store
      2. Special Holidays to Boost Online Sales
      3. Key Takeaways
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