Fashion and Philanthropy

How Fashion Brands Give Back With Charities And Campaigns

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With this latest market research on Philanthropy in Fashion, Fashionbi team has analysed the very activities with which the brands today are trying to contribute to noble causes and if/how are they communicating such initiatives.

In order to analyse the different ways Fashion brands approach charity causes, Fashionbi team has categorized the cases into three main groups:

  • Brands Created to Give Back
  • Brands Created to Generate Jobs

  • Famous Brands with Charity Projects
With each category, some case-studies have been presented on the brands, their campaigns, charitable cause and support methodology. It is very interesting to see how some brands were born with the sole purpose of giving back, some to collaborate and contribute a part of their earnings with special products and some launching their own charitable organizations.

In addition, many celebrity influencers are also bagged by the brands to promote their cause and encourage the audience to buy certain products or donate in some way to support a cause. However, many brands have not been up-to-the-mark in promoting fully such initiative.

In this research, all the above aspects have been covered with own takes from our specialists on how to go about such activities.


  1. Introduction
    1. Fashion and Social Enterprise
    2. Luxury Brands with Charity Foundations
  2. Case Studies
    1. Brands Created to Give Back
      1. Toms
      2. Warby Parker
      3. FEED
    2. Brands Created to Generate Jobs
      1. Same Sky
      2. Sarah's Bag
      3. Asos Africa
    3. Famous Brands and Charity Projects
      1. 3.1 Phillip Lim
      2. Coccinelle
      3. Alexander Wang
      4. Bvlgari
  3. Philanthropic events in Fashion
  4. How can brands communicate philanthropy initiatives?
22 pages
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