Digital Fashion Weeks

How Fashion Brands Shifted To A New Digital Format Of Fashion Weeks Amid The Pandemic

As the fashion industry stared at the mounting uncertainty amid a pandemic and the consequent economic recession, luxury brands had to swiftly adopt a new way of reaching their audience for the biggest event of the season - the fashion week. While planning for the upcoming season could no longer be done in a conventional way, event organizers of the major fashion weeks, such as New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week, announced going digital.

Digital was the only way brands could keep some semblance of normalcy in their business. The possibility of real fashion shows seemed unlikely due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and hence the shift to online platforms was inevitable. Some brands were fast to jump on to the bandwagon, while some struggled to cope with the new limitations. Digital fashion shows proved to be an opportunity for brands to reach a much wider audience, and no longer keep these events super exclusive, and many brands took advantage of this situation.

British Fashion Council was the first to go completely digital with a co-ed fashion week in the beginning of June 2020. The platform built by the organizers also used this occasion to talk about sustainability in the industry. To shift the experience of a grand event such as a fashion show to a completely digital format was a big feat for all brands. 

Smaller brands, which were more flexible, made this transition look rather smooth. So did some bigger names in the industry. However, despite having access to new-age technology and resources, many of the established names in the luxury world struggled to display something extraordinary. Nonetheless, digital fashion weeks occurred for the first time in the industry, and it is certain that all the brands discovered newer possibilities for their audience in the future. 

Through this report, Fashionbi has done a detailed analysis of all the digital activities showcased by the participants of the first-ever fully digital fashion weeks.


  1. Introduction
  2. Fashion Calendar Redefined
  3. Live Views Analysis
  4. Brands’ Approaches
  5. Digital Innovation
  6. Social Activism
  7. Long Live Stream
  8. Physical Show
  9. Fashion Show Events
  10. Video Releases
  11. Brands' Promotions
  12. Key Takeaways
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