Content Marketing through Videos

Analyzing The Emergence And Wide-spread Use Of Video Marketing By Fashion Brands

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Modern media have made sharing videos as simple as clicking a button. Furthermore, videos have proven to be far more engaging than any other type of content. Photos and text-based advertising is starting to become banal. Video captures the users’ interest instantaneously and keeps them engaged for a longer time. Videos are seen as a more authentic form of communication. It is a medium that sends the brand’s message across to the consumer more easily and clearly. Moreover, these days, video content is shareable, just like any other media. It is the most versatile and profitable digital marketing tool.

There are various innovations in the sphere of video sharing. Amongst these, we have seen a rise in use of Live Streaming and 360 degree videos in the recent months. Live Streaming is especially useful for fashion brands during their fashion shows. Videos also help with creating User Generated Content. Interactive Storytelling, the use of Influencers, associating with Social Causes, are just a few ways brands are gaining the attention of customers.

In this report, we have put together the various types of video content shared by fashion brands, and which are the best ways of using video as a medium for effective communication. Several case-studies have been taken into consideration to understand the upcoming trends and the do’s and dont’s for using video for content marketing efficiently.


  1. Video Consumption Statistics
    1. Types of Video Content
      1. Video Content Strategies
        1. Innovations in Video Content
          1. Key Takeaways
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