Collaborations In Fashion

A Look At The Latest Partnerships In The Industry

Nowadays, fashion news is flooded with announcements about collaborations between fashion houses, brands, artists and celebrities. This innovative strategy is being adopted by several companies to create a hype, and many have been successful in achieving this goal. In fact, some of the limited edition collaborative collections are so sought after that they result long queues at stores and a frenzy on e-commerce websites.

Many of these partnerships have been a great marketing tactic to draw attention to the brand. In an industry that is inundated with brands, collaborations help the company stand out. These days fashion brands do not just compete for a higher share in sales, but more importantly for customers’ attention. And what better way to summon their attention than introduce novelty items and limited edition product ranges.

Some brands are also trying to push the boundaries of creativity by inking unusual partnerships. For example, having an artist interpret their version of the brand’s identity. Some partnerships are between fashion and non-fashion companies too. The idea always is to give something completely new to the customers.

In times when grabbing the time and attention of customers is the most coveted element, a clever approach has been to team up with Influencers. Influencers command the opinion of their followers and are able to reach a specific demographic. If chosen wisely, this strategy can greatly benefit the brand.

This report gives a glimpse of some of the most recent collaborations in the fashion industry and the new methods used by brands to gain popularity with the masses.


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