Brands' campaigns for X, Y, and Z Generations

Understanding Generational Marketing Strategy Adopted By Fashion Brands

Marketing today has become one of the most challenging parts of running a business. This is because consumer behaviour has become highly segmented due to a very distinguished set of preference amongst people of different ages. While, often, brands might think their product may appeal to a variety of people, the way it is marketed draws attention largely from one of the 3 generations: Generation X, Y, and Z.

Each group has their own method of expression. Therefore, how one generation perceives a marketing message, may not be the same way another does. This is why it is important for brands to understand what are the characteristics which dictate the buying behaviour of each segment. What are their values, lifestyle choices, priorities and most importantly, depending on this, what are their preferred marketing channels, all combined together help brands identify the right strategy.

Depending on their age, different consumer generations allocate their time to different activities. Some are more tech-savvy, while others are skeptical of online marketing gimmicks. They also consume content in a different manner. While some prefer graphic content, others prefer understanding the story behind the product.

Since they all have different lifestyles, the different generations cannot all be targeted in one place. They are found using different channels, and the brand needs to locate this to ensure they reach the right customer. Since the world has become increasingly digital, this location isn’t always driven by geography, but it means brands have to understand which digital platforms are frequented by their target consumers.

Generational marketing is the crux of understanding the consumer. What influences their buying choices and what is the best way of getting the message across depends on having in-depth knowledge of different generations of consumers. This report highlights the key characteristics of X, Y and X generations and how different companies are using this to appeal to them.


  1. Introduction
  2. The Post-Digital Target Market
  3. Marketing for Generation X
  4. Marketing for Generation Y
  5. Marketing for Generation Z
  6. Key Takeaways
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